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No. Author Title Date
2002:1 Dahl, J. L. Proto-Elamite Sign Frequencies (PDF) 2002/04/29
2002:2 Englund, R. K. Notes on SET 274 (PDF) 2002/05/03
2002:3 Lafont, B. The Toponym Ligriki (PDF) 2002/09/11
2003:1 Englund, R. K. Worcester Slaughterhouse Account (PDF) 2003/01/28
2003:2 Fitzgerald, M. A. pisan dub-ba and the Direction of Cuneiform Script (PDF) 2003/02/24
2003:3 Taylor, J. J. Collations to ED Lu C and D (PDF) 2003/02/25
2003:4 Nathan, D. L. A "New" Proto-Cuneiform Tablet (PDF) 2003/03/28
2003:5 Dahl, J. L. A Note on Ur III Text Duplicates (PDF) 2003/06/30
2003:6 Veldhuis, N. Entering the Netherworld (PDF) 2003/09/02
2004:1 Wunsch, C. An Early Achaemenid Administrative Text from Uruk (PDF) 2004/04/05
2004:2 Johnson, C. Two Ur III Tablets from the Tulare County Library (PDF) 2004/06/14
2004:3 Monaco, S. Revisiting Jemdet Nasr Texts: IM 55580+ (PDF) 2004/09/01
2004:4 Veldhuis, N. HI-(še3) la2 (PDF) 2004/12/20
2006:1 Monaco, S. N16 in the Archaic Texts (PDF) 2006/01/02
2006:2 Veldhuis, N. Another Early Dynastic Incantation (PDF) 2006/04/23
2007:1 Adams, R. McC. The Limits of State Power on the Mesopotamian Plain (PDF) 2007/12/25
2007:2 Allred, L. & Gadotti, A. The Cuneiform Collection of the Clinton Historical Society (PDF) 2007/12/30
2010:1 Metcalf, Ch. Six Ur III Tablets from the Hulin Collection in Oxford (PDF) 2010/04/15
2011:1 Abrahami, P. Masculine and Feminine Personal Determinatives before Women’s Names at Nuzi: A Gender Indicator of Social or Economic Independence? (PDF) 2011/02/19
2011:2 Brumfield, S. The Term ab2-RI-e in Ur III Sources (PDF) 2011/03/09
2012:1 Abrahami, P. & Lion, B. Remarks to W. Mayer’s Catalogue of the Nuzi Palace Texts (PDF) 2012/06/16
2012:2 Liu, Ch. Six Ur III Tablets from the Special Collections of the University of Missouri-Columbia (PDF) 2012/09/20
2012:3 Notizia, P. & Ludovico, A. A New Ur III Letter-Order from the Semitic Museum at Harvard University (PDF) 2012/11/23